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Cost effective compliance services, break the test house pay and pray loop. Get your products to market sooner and more cost effectively.


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Test Houses are great at testing your products - and telling you whether you passed or failed.

In our experience they are not so good at helping you find and fix the majority of issues you will need to address to get your product to pass. You are left in the dark to fix it yourself, pay again, and hopefully pass next time... or the time after that... experiencing delays in product launch, costly redesigns and test fees. JLH Systems will work with you, explaining, engineer to engineer, in language you can understand what you need to do and why you need to do it. We can sign off your designs and identify most non-compliance issues before anything is built. We have seen many products that have not been checked properly for EMC issues before being committed to PCB. These products have often had compliance issues designed in that could have been easily prevented. Worse than this, the nature of many EMC problems means that these boards can then not be provided with a definitive fix sufficient to know that all issues have been identified and that the next issue of the product will pass. These products will often have several issues, most of which could have easily been avoided by having your product assessed before producing anything. As engineers we have all experienced products with multiple design problems - a single issue is normally easy to correct - as soon as you have multiple, interacting problems the time and cost to fix them increases exponentially. By ensuring that all the right bases are checked in your designs the likelihood of a first time pass or, in the event of a failure, being able to identify and prove a solution on your prototype hardware increases dramatically, saving cost.

Most simple products can be assessed and a report, with recommendations, produced in under two days. We have access to low cost pre-compliance facilities for investigating solutions if a product has failed full compliance testing or you would like your product assessed prior to committing to the expense of a qualified test house.

On site surveys, assessment, consultancy and training can all be provided tailored to you requirements. We would be happy to accompany your product at a test house and act as a valuable interpreter between the test house and your engineering staff. We have the ability to provide solutions to problems in real time, maximising your test house investment.

Article originally published in Issue 62, January '06 edition of The EMC Journal, reprinted here with kind permission :-  

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