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From full hardware system design to bespoke firmware. We can offer FPGA / CPLD design in Verilog, VHDL, schematic entry or any combination, as required. Altera (Quartus), Xilinx and Lattice all supported. Please call for others.

Whether your requirement is new design or replacement of obsolete components on existing products we offer you a cost effective service. Many products suffer from obsolescence during their lifetime requiring several costly redesigns throughout their life. Break the cycle by replacing old technology with programmable logic and win with the ability to field update or upgrade your products to add new functionality and correct errors without replacing the hardware.

Firmware blocks available for:- Interrupt controllers, IrRx, UARTs, general decoding, Format Conversion, AES, Shaft encoders, SPI, I2C, LCD, PS2 keyboards, PPM meters, clippers etc. etc.

Hardware designs undertaken include STM32 ARM Coretex MCU, Analog Devices SHARC and Blackfin DSP, microcontrollers, Ethernet, PIC micros, Control and Instrumentation panels, FPGA, CPLD. Product redesign, cost and production engineering. 

Bespoke test equipment tailored to your products and guaranteed to speed up your test procedures and improve test quality.

Digital audio including AES3, SpDif, MADI, Audio over Ethernet, Sample Rate Conversion. High quality D/A, A/D converters, clock synthesis and conversion.


Focusrite Rednet Firmware.
Design, development, and test of Firmware implemented in Xilinx FPGA. Proved using Modelsim.
This firmware provided the interface between the Dante Ethernet modules and the DAC's, ADC's and ADAT formatting as appropriate.


HHB CDR882 Professional CD Recorder.
Design of complete hardware - Analogue devices Blackfin, Altera CPLD, PSU.
Infrared remote. PS/2 Keyboard interface. Pro quality Audio I/O. Multiple clock sources and recovery. 44.1, 48 and 96KHz SpDif support.
Chinese manufacturing parts approval, handover and support.
EMC approvals.
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ContrecContrec Flowmeters
Test, Manufacturing and Compliance support.
Surface mount conversion of old technology.
Design of new products. Design of bespoke test equipment.
ISO approval support.
Test Box

Anyone who has a heartIconic Artwork - Manchester Children's Hospital
Feasability study.
Custom design and build of interface unit between lighting controller and heart rate sensor, IR Optical trigger sensors.
Installation and Commissioning.